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Do You Have Worn & Dangerous Stair Problems?

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Aluminum Stair Tread - GARON TRED™

  • Garon Tred™ shown with optioninal View-Line™.  Hard wearing aluminum oxide abrasive grit provides long lasting traction.
Satin-lacquered finish protects and beautifies exposed aluminum.

Heat-treated extruded alumium alloy gives maximum durability.
  • Garon Tred™ shown with view-line nosing.
  • Garon Tred™ shown with standard nosing.
  • Garon Tred™ shown with View-Line™ nosing.
  • Garon Treds™ are ideal for indoor stairways.
  • Need to see one up close?  
Call for a free Garon Tred™ sample. 
Sample size: 3-1/4" W x 9" L
  • Garon Treds™ are perfect for wooden steps.  Shown here on a B&B front steps.
  • Garon Tred™ shown with standard nosing on heavily trafficked school steps.
  • Image 9
  • Garon Tred™ shown with Glo-Trax™ nosing.
  • Garon Treds™ are easily applied with supplied screws.
  • Garon Tred™ shown in Green with optional yellow View-Line™.
  • Garon Tred™ shown in Black with optional yellow View-Line™
  • Garon Tred shown in gray with Standard View-Line™
  • Close-up of Garon Tred™ depth.
16.00 LBS
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Keep stairs safe with maximum traction and safe footing with Aluminum Stair Tread - GARON TRED™The durable aluminum oxide abrasive grit of this industrial stair tread provides long-lasting traction to prevent slips and ensure a safe stairway. The abrasive grit even provides non slip stair treads in wet conditions.

Garon Treds™ stair treads are heavy duty stair treads made with extruded aluminum - the strongest stair tread available!

Anti slip stair treads: Garon Treds™ is the ideal solution for non skid stair treads.  A slip-free treads solution—indoor or outdoor steps!

  • Versatile design is easy to install on concrete, metal or wood stairs
  • Heavy duty stair treads - Long-life durability holds up to high impacts
  • Refreshes steps without an expensive replacement
  • High visibility of the safety stair tread and sure-foot traction treads helps prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Make stairs safe without spending a lot of money. Garon Treds™ are a practical way to make concrete, metal or wood stairs like new and make sure they’re safe even in harsh conditions. No matter how much traffic your stairway receives, Garon Treds™ can hold up—without becoming worn down.

Garon Treds™ meet the highest safety inspections and U.S. government specifications. Constructed from heat-treated aluminum alloy, our stair treads easily outwear other treads. They are created with an abrasive grit, a hard material second only to diamonds.

Protect your stairs and keep pedestrians safe. Garon Treds™, industrial stair treads, provide a long-lasting solution to maintain stairway safety while restoring the look and functionality of the surface.

*Meets ASTM and ADA Standards*

Need to see our safety stair tread up close?  Order a FREE SAMPLE - GARON TRED™. 

Typical Uses:

Garon Treds™ are commonly used in the following settings:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial plants
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Theme parks
  • Transit platforms
  • Ski Resorts
  • Theatres
  • Marinas
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Catwalks
  • Stadiums
  • Municipal buildings
  • State parks
  • Boats
  • Behind cafeteria counters
  • Ramps around machinery
  • Door sills
  • Anywhere old, slippery stairs are a problem—indoors or outside!


Choosing the Right GARON TRED™

Follow these steps to choose the aluminum stair tread that’s right for your facility.

  1. Select Depth and Width: 
    Determine the depth and width of stairs. Most stairways have a 9” tread on each step and an 11" tread at the top of each run and each intermediate landing. Deduct 6" to provide a 3" margin at each end. All precut stair treads come with beveled side edges and View-Line™ front edge.
  3. Select Nosing: 
    Specify whether you need View-Line or Standard nosing when placing your order. View-Line nosing is available with black and all colored stair treads.
  5. Pre-cut sizes: 
    Garon Treds™ come in black with yellow View-Line nosing. Custom sizes are available in black and colored treads.
  7. Colors and Custom Sizes: 
    We custom cut your aluminum stair treads for a perfect fit! Call for custom sized pricing: 800-381-6076 or if you prefer, fill in this Custom Sized Garon Tred Free Estimate Form.




Other Details

Product Info:
Garon Treds are packaged in 3 pack sizes: 1 Garon Tred per pack, 3 Garon Treds per pack, and 4 Garon Treds per pack
Application Method:
Screws supplied. Drill screws into predrilled holes.